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Lighthouse Proteomics is available to consult on all proteomics and mass spectrometry applications across many types of biological research areas (cellular signaling, drug development and disease biology, mammalian, microbial, viral, fungal, biofuels, agricultural, and many more). We are happy to assist you on a wide range of bio-analytical methods including projects that focus on protein identification, post-translational modifications, and robust quantitative approaches for both protein and PTM profiling. In addition, we can provide professional advice on custom assay development for your particular protein activity of interest, and help you explore opportunities in product development for sensitive mass spectrometry applications with acute specificity. Our consultation services include expert guidance in experimental design, sample fractionation and preparation methods, data acquisition, data analysis, and bioinformatics. Our team of specialists will be able to help you understand which mass spectrometry application is best suited for your specific research and development needs.

How Can Lighthouse Proteomics Assist You With Your Research?

  • Provide proteomics expertise to evaluate and/or establish project goals
  • Provide expert analytical advice for designing targeted proteomic assays
  • Review mass spectrometry results for expert advice
  • Facilitate the design of a proteomic study to achieve key objectives

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