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At Lighthouse Proteomics we understand that each project is unique and that all off-the-shelf services may not be sufficient; as a result, we offer a variety of services to accommodate many aspects of your project requirements. We will provide custom application development beyond our routine service portfolio for an all inclusive, start-to-finish service program (cell culture or tissue generation with specified treatment conditions, molecular target QC, sample preparation and proteomic analysis, custom affinity reagent development for critical targets). Partner with Lighthouse Proteomics as an extension to your research team, and we would be happy to discuss a custom-made study to address all the necessary aspects of your project. Lighthouse Proteomics will provide the proteomic application solution that delivers above and beyond the quality results you expect. For additional information about our custom proteomics service and pricing for your particular study program, please contact us.

How Can Lighthouse Proteomics Assist You With Your Research?

  • Explore proteomic applications for novel affinity product
  • Prepare proteomic test data for new product launch
  • Identify new proteomic applications using new technology platform
  • Design mass spectrometry assay to monitor enzyme-substrate activity
  • Provide cost assessment for mass spectrometric experiments

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