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PTM Screening

Use of Lighthouse Proteomics PTM Screening service offers a semi-quantitative analysis of the cellular protein content to generate a visual representation of the presence of a variety of PTMs (phosphorylation, acetylation, succinylation, methylation and ubiquitination) and their corresponding relative abundance across multiple sample conditions. This screen is ideal for establishing optimal experimental conditions, prior to initiating an LC-MS/MS profiling study.

How Can Lighthouse Proteomics Assist You With Your Research?

  • Identify ideal treatment conditions for maximum differential PTM changes
  • Explore what PTMs are effected by compound treatment
  • Identify key PTMs associated with developmental model system
  • Discover PTMs effected by host cell infection
  • Examine what PTMs are associated with drug resistance
  • Identify key protein PTMs for biomarker discovery
  • Identify regulated protein PTMs to explore mechanism of action

You Provide: Tissue or cell culture
We Provide: A semi-quantitative overview of the PTM profiles among the different sample conditions
You Receive: A data package will be provided electronically in the form of a PowerPoint summary report. The data package is also accompanied with a consultation to review the results with you and address any questions you have about the analysis.

PTMs include: Phosphorylation: S, T, Y; Acetylation; Succininylation; Methylation & Ubiquitination

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